Elevation And Floor Plans – Important Aspects Of Architectural Drawings

When you are working on an architectural drawing to build your house in London; the most common options that you would come across include elevations and floor plans. This is what will help you take better decisions related to the whole structure of your property.

Floor plans

With the help of these 2D drawings, you can get a clear picture that how the whole structure will look once it is completed. The planning of the floor includes plumbing, drawing of all the floors, and fixtures. There will be also furniture in the drawing to give you a clear idea how your house will look once the process gets completed. With the assistance of an expert such as Fayeh Developments that provides architectural drawings in London, you can easily get the home of your dreams built.



The use of elevations happens to show how the house will look from the exterior space including all four sides of it. The elements that are there in elevations are:

  • Elevations show doors, front porch, balconies, and windows.
  • Size and location of footings and all other structural components.
  • The existing buildings

Apart from giving you an idea that how your house will look from outside, it is also necessary for local authorities to have the elevation properties. This is how you will get the permission to build the property while abiding by the rules giving by the authorities.

You can easily contact an expert who will help you with the right architectural plan for your house.

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