Month: May 2019

How Data is Redefining the Construction Industry


Traditional data management and forecasting methodologies, developed back in time are undoubtedly very precise in their own way but come with only one challenge! Time and material requirements. The time spent by an individual in computing results, making those detailed forecasts is not only rare

Workplace Designs – What the Millennials Want


The millennial adults want to live and work in spaces that resonates with their personality. As people move from one life phase to the next their work requirements also change. Millennials demand innovation, inspiration, sustainability and aspirational cues in their personal and professional.  A recent

Life of A Construction Engineer


There isn’t a day in the life of a construction engineer when he/she does not question the decisions made regarding the project on hand. After all what looks like brick, sand and cement today is eventually going to be someone’s home tomorrow. This made us